Take Your Time Inauguration

JANUARY 29, 4 P.M.


TAKE YOUR TIME inauguration


On Friday, January 29th at 4 pm the inauguration of the first vending machine for short stories is scheduled at the headquarters of ferrotramviaria S central station.P.A. of Bari.

TYT-TAKE YOUR TIME: automatic distributor of short stories is a winning project of the regional call PIN-Initiative promoted by the Youth Policies of the Puglia and ARTS Region and financed with ESF resources – PO Puglia 2014/2020 Action 8.4 and the Fund for Development and Cohesion provides a creative and innovative tool waiting for travelers crossing the station, airports and citizens who stay in places of waiting of different kinds: from medical practices to municipal offices, places where it will be possible to install the vending machine of stories.

The opening day will be anticipated by the performance 'We apologize for the delay' of the Fatti d'Arte that will take place near bari central station.

Thanks to TYT-Take your time, automatic dispenser of stories, waiting can turn into an opportunity to enrich the mind. The vending machine of stories has been created in synergy with the Fablab of Bitonto and represents an innovative and original opportunity to spend time reading not through a screen but through an electronic device that, on request and free of charge, prints in Italian and English, a short story in railway and airport terminals or in other places where the waiting time is famously long and often boring.

The stories distributed by Take Your Time are original texts collected during an open call made in the previous months in which writers of different ages and nationalities participated by applying their stories to the five sections: boys, adventure, romantic, humor, poetry / theater.

At the inauguration of the distributor will be present the creators and promoters of the initiative: Filippo Modugno and Liliana Tangorra, founders of Lieder s.n.c. who have thought of producing and spreading culture through TYT-TAKE YOUR TIME, a machine that can respond to a basic need: to transform waiting into a time when to nourish the mind, have fun, dream and fantasize. A service for citizens and tourists who cross railway stations and airports to provide them with an alternative in waiting time to the often sterile consultation of a smartphone.

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