The TYT – Take your Time project was born with the intention of responding to the need to share time with oneself, stopping, taking time by dedicating a few minutes to reading a short story. 

For example, during waiting times, at public terminals or offices, they are often poorly employed and lead the patron not to appreciate the service. The answer to this problem is to provide a way to enjoy a moment of pause by reading a story. A distributor can provide drinks or pizzas, but it can also be designed to develop fantasy, so much so that it becomes an alternative to ‘mobile addiction’.

TyT – Take your Time is a new way of thinking about a distributor, it becomes for us a dispenser of stories in Italian and English, designed to serve citizens and tourists, but also local literate who often do not have the means to edit their works. TYT – Take your Time is a prototype born to be sold/rented by companies that believe in the power of the printed word, diffusion and sharing of knowledge.