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About us?

Explaining it in a short way is not easy, but as soon as we conceived the TyT- Take your Time project we realized that our skills could be at the service of this initiative.

Project Manager:

Philip M. Modugno as a management engineer qualified by the Puglia Region, in the company is operational manager of the activities (logistics, maintenance, relations with suppliers; he is CTO and deals with the accounting and economic management of the company). He is a professor of Computer Science at secondary schools and is a good mathematician and populariser.

Communication Manager:

Liliana Tangorra is PhD in the history of comparative art of Mediterranean civilizations and cultures at the University of Bari, she has been responsible for educational, tourist and cultural activities since 2015 of Ulixes s.c.s.; she is an essayist has produced four monographs and scientific articles for national and international sector journals and conference proceedings. She is a theatrical and event organizer at Ulixes s.c.s. and the cultural association Fatti d’Arte. In the company he is responsible for the management of the literary section and content, deals with the organization, communication and promotion of events, is responsible for sales and relations with public and private bodies. He is professor of Art History at secondary schools.